Toddler Flops Sophie the Pit Bull

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  1. That is one patient dog.

  2. With the title of “Toddler Flops Sophie the Pit Bull”, I half expected to see a suplex given at some point in the video. But, it appears very few wrestling moves were employed. The video is, however, very cool. And yes – Nancy was right – that is one patient dog!

  3. I love that you put this out there. There’s so much fear associated with certain breeds and this just proves that even the “big, mean, scary” pit bulls can be gentle and patient.

    I hate when people discriminate against certain breeds. I love your pitbull and your passion for sharing the soft side to this breed!

  4. Ollie cracks me up! Poor Sophie (or, as Cade calls her- Soapy). Miss you guys!!!

  5. Poor Sophie!


  1. Amy Tucker says:

    New Blog Post: Toddler Flops Sophie the Pit Bull http://bit.ly/bJiXNK

  2. Amy Tucker says:

    Toddler Flops Sophie the Pit Bull http://bit.ly/cqp2Bm <–Video of Ollie annoying Sophie.

  3. Amy Tucker says:

    I just wrote this: Toddler Flops Sophie the Pit Bull http://ow.ly/18CE2W

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