#2 for Oliver

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I’ve written a  “HEY! He’s born!” post and a post for his first birthday that didn’t go exactly as I had expected and now I suppose I’ll do a post for his second birthday.

Might as well keep this an annual thing.

This is a short post since I don’t have much to say but a lot of pictures to share.

The first few are from Ollie’s actual birthday party – the monkey on the cake was done by Jana and the little simian tasted just as good as he looked.

The pictures of Tucker, Cara and Ollie outside at our park were taken today [9.12.10] on Oliver’s actual birthday.

I get most people don’t want to look at a million pictures of other people’s kids. It’s kind of like being forced to look at 200 slides of someone else’s summer vacation to the world’s largest twine ball – not all that exciting.

I’m posting them for me and for my mom and for various other folks who have a vested interest in Ollie’s dimples.

Happy birthday, dude.

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