How To Stop Toddler From Biting

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When Cara was about 18 months and being weaned, she became a biter.

For some reason, she chose to only bite me and that only lasted about a week. Though annoying and sometimes painful, that phase quickly ended and Cara hasn’t bitten anyone since.

Now Ollie is a whole nother kettle of fish.

I’m not quite sure when he started biting but he’s broken skin at least twice on Cara.

Nothing has worked to curb the biting. Not time out. Not stern talking-tos. Not spankings. Nothing.

The only thing I can do is get onto him when he bites Cara and cuddle her until she stops crying. At first I thought he might be biting out of jealousy but he gets as many cuddles and kisses as Cara does. It seems like he just gets so angry with Cara that he doesn’t see any other way of expressing himself.

I’ve tried telling them to get away from each other when they get so angry [Cara pinches.] but that doesn’t work either and separating them ends with both of them in tears because they miss each other.

I know at least one of you must have had experience with this.





  1. I don’t have a lick of good advice on the biting. All I can say is when one of my younger brothers (who was an angry biter) would do what Ollie has been doing we were permitted to bite back.

  2. Cade went through a biting stage. We used the ol’ soap in the mouth trick when nothing else worked. Some people use vinegar or hot sauce. I’m not that brave. Good Luck!

  3. I’m not sure how long it’s been going on, or if you’ve tried any other “drastic” means of discipline, but I know for my cousins’ son, the only thing that EVER go through was to bite back. The harder he bit them, the harder they bit him back. Blood was drawn twice, and he’s not bitten anyone in the 3 years since.


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