Running: Worst Case Scenario I’ll Get Bored and Move On

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Cara has been cracking me up with her new found love of music.

Since Tucker and I would probably shrivel up if we had nothing to listen to, Cara never seemed to feel that pull or compulsion to listen to anything other than cartoon theme songs.

Just here recently she’s started picking “favorite songs” from stuff she hears on the radio. Fireflies by Owl City[1], “All the Single Ladies” by Beyonce[2] and finally California Girls by Katy Perry.[3]

I don’t have a clue why she latched onto California Girls – I initially hate the song – but every time it comes on the radio she screeches and I have to plug my ears and that’s not the safe driving approved way of driving.

Have you seen the video? Try and ignore the boobs shooting whipped cream…or don’t if that’s your kind of thing.

There is a reason why I’m talking about Katy Perry and I assure you it’s not just because of her whipped cream boobs.

On Friday, I put on my nifty shoes[4], my sports bra, an old t-shirt and my very sexy compression shorts. I had my phone with me loaded with this workout music I had downloaded and I was ready to get to it: Couch-to-5k[5].

I went through the pattern of running and walking and then California Girls came on and I cranked up the speed on the treadmill and stretched out – didn’t know I could do that – and I wasn’t jogging; I was running. Katy Perry is obviously a bad influence cause I had that treadmill set at just over 8 and when I got done with that impulsive sprint, I wanted to puke.

I cut out of that first session about four minutes short of when I was supposed to have finished.

Today’s day three and I’m looking forward to it. Then again, I was looking forward to doing yoga and I stopped doing that, didn’t I?

I guess I’ll just ride this…or run this…until I get bored with it.


  1. [1]Which I call lightning bugs because that’s what they’re really called.
  2. [2]If Beyonce would worry less about Jay-Z and more about making kids’ music, she could take over the freakin’ world.
  3. [3]All them thar links are affiliate links but I get 4% of the purchase price which is .99. So that means I get a whopping .039. I’ll be rolling in that dough, y’all.
  4. [4]Wish they looked like the ones in the picture above cause those bastards rock HARD.
  5. [5]I have no intention of EVER doing a 5k; I just need to move my ass more.


  1. Katy’s music does get stuck in your head. I will admit to owning her first album … my son likes her music too. And Kanye, and Eminem. Yes, he’s confused. I think it’s the hormones.


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