One Step Ahead Coupon Codes

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I know this isn’t my usual kind of post but it’s relevant to what I’m doing today and I’m feeling charitable SO I figured I’d share this with you.

I’m in the process of ordering some stuff from Mom for Cara’s birthday: a realistic kitchen set from One Step Ahead.

I freakin love this catalog; if you see cute kids’ stuff in our place, it probably came from One Step Ahead. Mom had mentioned a 15% off coupon for orders over $85 and I saw a Free Shipping coupon on orders over $85. Granted, you can’t combine the damn things but pick whichever’s going to save you the most money.

In this case, I used the 15% off and saved Mom both the shipping cost AND the stupid surcharge the added AND she ended up saving $1.28 off of the total merchandise price before any of the other charges were added.

To get the 15% off of purchases of $85 and up, put in FIFTEEN when you go to checkout.

To get the free shipping on purchases of $85 and up, put in SHIP85 when you checkout. Like I said, you can’t use both so chose wisely.



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