Tucker’s a Wet Blanket and the Park

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I’m not sure if this is a sign but the kids and I seem to have our best trips and adventures when Tucker’s at drill.

Sorry, Tucker. It’s true. Though the camping thing was pretty cool.

OK. So maybe my little theory of Tucker being a wet blanket doesn’t stand up to scientific scrutiny but neither does the Kraken and I’ve already proven that’s possible, haven’t I?

I am a science goddess.

Maybe we have more adventures when Tucker isn’t here because with him gone, we don’t have anyone to poke with a stick other than the dog and she eats sticks?


We were succumbing to cabin fever and headed out to the “castle park”.

80 degrees and windy and a freakin’ fantastically beautiful day.

One cool thing about having a two year old who acts like he’s 30 and a 4 year old who is awesome is you can let the leash out a bit. They ran around – with me reminding Cara to keep an eye on Ollie – and I trailed after them mainly to make sure they didn’t take a header off of a 15 foot structure.

Cara ran around hugging random children who dared to get within arm’s reach and eventually Oliver started saying, “HOME!” and that’s where we went.

Snacks were eaten and I figured that by now they’d both be sacked out but instead, they’re playing back in Cara’s room.


At least they’re not fighting.


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