Logical Burger King

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During Cara and Oliver’s pediatrician appointment, diet was discussed with the usual warning to not frequent fast food restaurants more than occasionally – which made my earlier proclamation of McDonald’s as a treat for Cara doing so well with her vision and hearing test seem more than just a bit ill timed.

But our pediatrician is a cool chick who has a four year old and she knows how it is. Feed them what they’ll eat and try not to feed them a lot of crap and make them move. We’re already doing a pretty good with both of those things and I have decided we deserve a gold star.[1]

After the appointment, we played hunter-gatherer at Target and it was past lunch; we were all hungry.

An old Happy Meal box was on the floor board of the back seat and Ollie started squawking about McDonald’s.

Cara: No, Ollie. Remember? Dr. Bryant said we shouldn’t eat at McDonald’s a lot.

Me: That’s right, Cara. And we had a lot of McDonald’s this week because of us traveling, didn’t we.

Cara: We did! And that’s why we should go to Burger King.

Gotta admire the logic.


  1. [1]Or maybe silver? I don’t look so hot in gold.