Movie Day or I Should Be Editing Not Watching YouTube

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Do you remember back in school when the teacher would be out and you’d have a lazy sub or maybe your teacher was being lazy and This projector makes me happy. You should be happy too.you’d get to watch a video? The sound of a projector clicking around still makes me sleepy.[1]

I have a story I have to edit to enter in a contest and I was supposed to do it yesterday since the deadline for submission was today but they extended the deadline so, of course, I put it off again.

Not anymore![2]

Today, class, I have movies for you. The first is a NPR rap that is sure to make you wonder why white people would ever think it’s a good idea to attempt rapping. Case in point: Vanilla Ice[3]

The second movie is of what the kids call a “flash mob/flashmob.” ->”a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then disperse.”[4]

This movie will leave you with goose bumps and possible a tear in your eye.

And I don’t want to see any of you sleeping so keep your heads off of your desks!

Note: There is some debate[5] over how I discovered the Hallelujah flashmob video. Rachel and Alana BOTH posted the video on Facebook with Rachel’s post coming right before Alana’s. SO I guess Rachel wins? Cause this is a contest and stuff.


  1. [1]Pavlov would be proud.
  2. [2]I hope.
  3. [3]I met him when I was like 17 and working as a DJ. Dude had a pregnant girlfriend and STILL hit on me. He was a sleaze.
  4. [4]“Va-va-voom is in the dictionary”. BBC. 8 July 2004. Retrieved 2010-05-05.
  5. [5]Internal debate since there’s no one else to debate with other than the kids and the dog and they fight dirty.