Mayo and Rubber Band Balls

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*I started this yesterday but got bored so I’m finishing it today. You’re welcome.*

After days and days of working on a story I finally submitted today – and screwed up the submission form so I had to call them and get it fixed and I almost puked from the whole ordeal – I’m out of brain cells dedicated to the writing thing.

You know when all the mayo’s gone but you still have a thin layer left? That’s how my brain feels today. Or something.

I was all set to submit the story I had to the Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Contest and on that fateful day, their website was broken. Like wouldn’t load broken. And then Writer’s Digest pushed the deadline back by a week. At the time I didn’t think I needed that time but yeah, totally needed that time.

Now I have an editor: Christine. Just don’t tell her or she might want me to pay her something.[1] [2] And a word of advice for you if you’re planning on submitting a story or article for “real” publication: don’t put it on your blog. Most publishers want original content and a lot of them consider blogs to be a form of publishing. You put it on your site then you’ve published it and cow and milk and all that. Or something.[3]

Christine went over my story and made some “Duh!” suggestions and I cut the hell out of the story and now it’s all neat and clean and instead of a messy group of rubber bands at the bottom of the junk drawer, the story’s been transformed into one of those rubber band balls that hits the ceiling when you toss it onto the floor.

Today promises another pot of coffee, Care Bears movie ala 1986 and some tower building with wooden blocks. Think of it all as brain rehab. Here’s to hoping I haven’t sprained any synapses.


  1. [1]I KID! Really. Christine, I’ll pay you. There? You happy?!
  2. [2]And I’m just joking.
  3. [3] And then you have to completely rework the story so it’s not the SAME story and by the time you’re done you might as well have written a whole new story.


  1. Amy Tucker says:

    I just wrote this: Mayo and Rubber Band Balls – *I started this yesterday but got bored so I’m finishing it to… http://ow.ly/1alHNP

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