Pardoned By Christmas Lights

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It’s all my fault; I tempted fate.

Each time Tucker goes to drill, I write about how great the kids are for me; they always go easy on me.

When he left Friday and the kids went completely crazy, I should have just shrugged my shoulders and gone with it. When Ollie kicked Cara in the face and Cara wouldn’t move and just wanted to complain, I should have counted my blessings they had given me months of easy weekends. Instead, I ran from one incident to the other putting out fires and trying to prevent flare-ups.

At some point Friday night I hollered, “Y’all are supposed to go easy on my when your dad isn’t here!”

And then Cara probably punched Ollie in the face.

By Saturday, I had all I could take. When they refrained from annoying each other or me for like 15 minutes or something, I told them we were going to go get McDonald’s and go see the Christmas lights. I was to the point where I would gladly pay $20 for some piece and quiet.

I got that and a good time. Oh. And the kids had fun too.

Feel like you just got done watching family vacation photos?


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