Outdoor/Camping/Zombie Preparedness Christmas List

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So I’m a bit late when it comes to the 12 days of Christmas thing and I didn’t even plan on doing any special Christmas lists but since I’ve already done the kitchen list–a very nice list–I might as well do a couple more. This list only goes over shelter, bags, packs and fire starters. Maybe another day I’ll do the rest but I got into this and overwhelmed myself. So much stuff to cover!

Halo 6P

Marmot Halo 6-Person-$498.95

I’ll state the obvious right now: this is not for one person or is it for packing into a site–unless you like carrying over 19lbs in tent on your back. This tent is more expensive than that tent at Walmart but the quality’s a lot better. Pay the money for this tent now and you won’t be buying another tent next next season when the other tent rips.

I want this tent due to its size–perfect for four people and a dog–and the ventilation. Once you take that rain cover off, the entire top is mesh.

And it’s orange.

Coleman Exponent Kraz X1 Tent-$94.99

This is a backpacking tent. It’s for one person. It weighs just over Kraz™ X¹ Tent3lbs. I picked Coleman because their stuff isn’t too bad and it’s a brand that’s accessible to a lot of people.

If it’s just going to be you or if the other person has their own cover then this is a good option for you. Good mix of style, functionality and portability.

And it’s green.

Reinforced Rip-Stop Polyethylene Tarp-$2.99 to $25.99

When the zombies come to eat your brains, you’re going to run out of the house with whatever you have handy.

Since you’re reading this, I can only assume the zombies haven’t shown up for you just yet. You still have time to order that sweet Marmot tent. But I know what you’re thinking. “Zombies? She really is crazy!” Not only is that not very nice–and depending on my current hormonal state might make me cry–but you will find yourself without anything to keep your purty little head dry.

To the rescue?

A tarp.

You had your chance but you didn’t get a tent so now you should just be happy to have something other than the sky over your head.

And it’s blue.

Suisse Sport Mummy-$33.23

Suisse Sport Adult Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag

This bag is normally a hundred dollar bag but Amazon has it discounted right now. The bag is just under 3lbs and is rated to 30°F so you’ll get three seasons out of this. Mummy bags tend to be the warmest version of sleeping bags since there are less spots for air to escape but what you gain in warmth is lost in leg space–mummy bags taper toward the feet.

If you don’t mind something up over your head, this might be the bag for you.

Coleman Exponent Tasman X Hybrid-$74.95Coleman Exponent Tasman X 0-Degree Hybrid Sleeping Bag

A hybrid bag is going to give you more legroom than a mummy will and I want that extra room. When the zombies are after me, I need my beauty sleep so I’ll be ready for them.

This bag weighs more–it’s over 6lbs–than the Suisse mummy but it’s also rated to 0°F and unless you plan on sleeping up out in subzero temp, this bag should do you just fine.

Snuggie Camoflauge-$20.33

Picture this scene: You’re on your couch all wrapped up in your camo Snuggie as you watch Wheel of Fortune and eat your Doritos. All of the sudden you have to leave and you don’t have time to grab that tent you didn’t buy or the sleeping bag your didn’t buy. But hark! You’re wearing your camo Snuggie!

Not only does your blanket have sleeves but you’ll be warm down to AT LEAST 60°F.

Bet you’ll be glad for that camo when you’re out in the woods hiding from zombies.

Arc’teryx Bora 80-$374.95 and $375.00

Think of this pack as the big daddy of packs; it’s freakin’ huge. Empty, the pack weighs 6lb 13oz for the Regular size and has 4700 cu in–50+lbs–of interior space–that’s a lot of cheesy poofs. You’ll have more than enough room to carry your stuff, your kids’ stuff and your deadbeat friend’s stuff.

GoLite Men’s Quest Backpack-$126.65 and $192.45

A bit smaller than the Arc’teryx, you also jump down a price point or two. However, the GoLite is still a solid pack with 4250 cu in worth of space–45lb max–in the men’s version. You should be able to get a couple of days worth of stuff in here if you’re smart about it and from the reviews I’ve read, this is a very comfy pack even when loaded to the top.

Disney Handy Manny Backpack-$16.75

Disney Handy Manny Backpack - 12" Toddler BackpackWhen you’re not prepared for the worst, you take what you can get–like you did with the tarp and the Snuggie. Though you could probably carry just as much stuff in your arms, this Handy Manny pack does add a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole survival thing.

The zipper pocket on the front is sure to be big enough to house a key or something and I bet that velcro pocket would hold a cracker or two.

Swedish Firesteel-$16.95

You can’t get more basic than flint and steel. It’s been a tried and true way to start fires for…a while–I don’t feel like Swedish Firesteel - Army Modellooking that up–and FireSteel is an improvement on that idea. This was originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense and apparently will strike just about anywhere.

And it’s a snazzy red.

Coglan’s Windproof/Waterproof Storm Matches-$3.98

Lighters are great for starting a fire…unless it’s windy…or raining. These matches don’t care what the

Windproof/Waterproof  Storm  Matches

weather’s like; they’re going to light come hell or high water–literally. And they’re NATO approved. Not sure why that’s important though I’m sure NATO appreciates it. I was sent a tube of these guys to review and the only negative thing I had to say about them was that the lid doesn’t really stay on. I could just imagine tossing them in my pack and then digging in the pack a while later all ready to make a fire only to find all of the matches at the very bottom of my pack.

I KNOW I’ve left stuff off. You know…like food and water storage and hatches/knifes and such. This is by no means a complete list. I have a sneaking suspicion it would take me days and days to even attempt a complete list. I don’t wanna do that.