Mario Bros. Reloaded

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Just like you, I remember me writing the post about you choosing what you read since I was–AM!–going to let you selectively subscribe to the blog based on topics.

Diario de un pixel

Time got away from me and stuff got in the way and I’m going to try to get the category subscription thing done today.

This is another one of those posts I know my mom’s probably rolling her eyes at since it doesn’t involve her grandkids. Sorry, Mom, but I can’t pass up the chance to share this video.

My first gaming system was the NES–Thanks, Mom!–and I played that thing like there was no tomorrow; I could blow out a cartridge with the best of them. I’m pretty sure I only had Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt–I had the orange NES Zapper :(–but I played the crap out of those games.

Novelty is the spice of life and I’m always looking for stale ideas reimagined. This Mario Bros. “movie trailer” is a superb example of a cultural icon brushed off and remixed to come out the other side as new, shiny and fresh smelling. Blood, gore and explosions.

Fun times are had by all.

Special thanks goes to Tucker who showed me this last night and emailed it to me when I said, “Send that to me;it’s going on the site tomorrow.”


  1. Amy Tucker says:

    New Blog Post: Mario Bros. Reloaded http://bit.ly/f3eZWU

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