Spectacular Train Wreck or a Spectacular Success

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What have I gotten myself into?

Fabio Trifoni

You might have noticed the little pink box over on the right that says, “I’m speaking!” Yay and stuff! Except talking to a group of people scares the crap out of me. Hence the “What have I gotten myself into?” thing.

The session is on the Beginner track and it’s called: HTML, CSS, Self-hosting, Design: Establishing Virtual Independence for Your Online Space.

Don’t you DARE fall asleep while I try to explain this.

Straight from the site:

You don’t need to be a slave to default settings just because you aren’t technically savvy. Understanding how the ghost in the machine works makes online life much easier and in no way means that you should understand code in order to maintain your blog. We believe writers shouldn’t feel intimidated when trying new things with their design or worried that they may lose their entire archive at anytime. Learn how to pick a suitable platform (we’ll start with “What’s a platform?!”), install a banner, consider layout, make an archive back-up in case of emergency, and more. You deserve a sense of security and control over your virtual space in the world.

You have to admit that sounds a little cool, right? Just admit it and make me feel better.

I can do that stuff. I DO that stuff. I taught myself how to tease something less than hideous out of a website and all that fun stuff that makes most people’s eyes cross. I ramble to Tucker for as long as he’ll let me about what issues I’ve run into and how I broke one of my websites. He doesn’t listen but he acts like he does and that is nice of him. People occasionally come to me for geek advice regarding computers and I’ve been known to have made money once or twice from this.

Now I’m going to have a captive audience with Katie York and Erica Mueler and this captive audience is going to choose to listen to us; they have to signup and stuff. While Katie and Erica are topnotch, I’m not a pro; I do this stuff cause I know I’d annoy the crap out of someone else. You know how often I change my site. Not only would I have no money because of all the changes but I don’t think I’d be willing to torture someone with all of my craziness.

My main fear is people are gong to wonder why the hell I’m there. They’ll get why Erica and Katie are there but I’m gonna confuse them with my presence. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not complaining about this. I worrying about this. There’s a distinction in there somewhere.

And then there’s the fact the last time I spoke in front of an audience, I was in Speech and Drama in high school. Talk about a captive audience.

I’m going to be fine. I’m a geek with the best of ’em. I am not stupid when it comes to websites and such–despite what some people may think.[1] I will get through this…even if I have to cleave to Katie and Erica and have them drag me along.

We’re gonna rock that thing. I hope. Must buy cute shoes and cute jeans so at least I know I’ll look good while I make a fool out of myself.

This is either going to be a spectacular train wreck or a spectacular success.

  1. [1]NOT going into that. You’ll just have to be happy with a cryptic, passive–aggressive reference because it almost makes me feel better. Almost.


  1. Funnily enough, I went through the same thing when I spoke at Blissdom Canada and double funnily enough, Katie was on my panel. I was incredibly nervous. Like couldn’t sleep for a week nervous – but you know what? It was fun! And we laughed, and we shared and we didn’t even drop the F* Bomb once! It was a huge achievement. So I’m voting on spectacular success!

    • No f bomb? How the heck did y’all pull *that* off? 😉 What did you guys talk about?

    • Whether or not blogging for a community is for you. Spoke about the advantages and disadvantages in blogging within a larger community vs. blogging on your own. It was quite fun.

      And right before we went up, we were given a “No F-bombs allowed” talking to 🙂

  2. cap-tiveadj.
    Held in bondage. Also, a prisoner.

    au-di-ence noun
    A body of adherents; a following. Also, a formal hearing as with a religious or state dignitary.

    In other words you’re gathering your cult and locking them in a meeting room while you indoctrinate them in the ways of Amy. I’m on to you little miss! But, that is all trivial, and you mentioned something far more important….cute shoes!

    Huge fan of Mary Jane’s! And I know some that would be perfect, maybe. Just some ideas for ya 😉
    http://bit.ly/hBivN7 Super cute, but maybe not that practical.
    http://bit.ly/fTDIhX Cute but edgy. And fitting with the ‘held in bondage’ bit.
    http://bit.ly/fZ2zu0 Cute and bonus jewelry!
    http://bit.ly/hud9AD Really simple, but really easy to customize.

    • NO WONDER this got flagged as spam; look at all the links! 😀 Off to look at links and cute shoes. 🙂

      And thanks for the odd words of encouragement. You have a special way with words. 😉

  3. It’s funny because I LOVE speaking to large groups but the very idea of blogging (or even discusssing my personal life at all) terrifies me. Yet another reason we’re such great pals. You …. complete…. me (cue the Jerry McGuire music, please)

    You’ll do a great job. Don’t sweat it.

    Call me when you go shoe shopping. I’m pretty sure we’re BOTH really good at that.

    • Stupid good movie Jerry McGuire–I’m taking it on faith you spelled that correctly. Damn screen writers taking a perfectly useful statement and turning it into a cliché. 😀

      And fine, I’ll admit we are pretty good together–wanna go steady?–but you’re a freak for the public speaking thing. F. R. E. A. K. And find me some cute boots and like four outfits involving leggings.

    • Don’t ever take it on faith that I’ve spelled something correctly. Like I said, my talent is speaking (not spelling). Okay, when are we going shopping? Let’s make a date (since we’re going steady now and all). AND, my dear geeky other half, I still need an avatar. I’m tired of being “Guest.” Why don’t you handle that for me. Thanks!!!! *SMOOOOOCH*

    • Um, dorkwad. Remember when I told you to go to Gravatar.com and upload an image? Oh! Look! I even created an entire page just to tell you all about it: http://tastelikecrazy.com/about/how-to-get-an-avatar/

      And I think Tucker and I agreed we weren’t going to look for clothes until after Christmas since we’re hoping there will be some righteous sales.

  4. We will be an awesome success, because we’re made from glittery awesomeness, remember? Alli said so! haha

    I don’t do the public speaking thing. Teaching, round table, yes. Speaking. No. So, I am very glad to have the two of you to hold me up. 🙂 It’s gonna be fun, and it’s gonna rock. If anyone comes. haha

    • “[…]glittery awesomeness[…]” Did she really say that? I’m inclined to believe it. 😀

      You know at some point we have to get together and figure out what the heck we’re going to talk about, right?

  5. I’m always on the wrong side of the podium at conferences. It’s easier for me to speak to a group of people than for me to walk up to someone and introduce myself. But alas, I have nothing of any importance to talk to people about it, so…guess I better practice my handshake. LOL

    • Oh shut it, Malia. “…nothing of any importance to talk to people about…” You’re joking, right? You’re one smart cookie and I’ll let you shake my hand any day. 🙂


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