Superhero Undies

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There are certain events in a man’s life which should be recorded for posterity.

Marcio Hirosse

The first time he took a step. The first time he said something meaningful. The first time he crushed a beer can on his forehead.

You know…the important things.

Ever since Cara got herself potty trained, I’ve been counting down the days until Ollie reached that milestone. OK. So I haven’t really been counting down the days; I’m not so great with math and stuff. But I knew it would happen eventually. But, the truth of the matter is I couldn’t really imagine a time when I wouldn’t have to worry if we had enough diapers.

Yesterday we ran out of diapers.

Correction. We had ONE diaper left. I realized this at about 10am.

After changing Ollie’s diaper and discovering the remaining clean diaper, I told Ollie he had to go to the bathroom like a “big boy” since we needed that one last diaper to get us to Target and back. And he was perfect; no accidents were left for me to clean up.

To reward this awesomeness, I told him we’d get him some “big boy undies.” Of course this made man child very, very happy.

What did man child request? Batman underwear. I kid you not.

Unfortunately, in order to get Batman underwear, you have to be able to wear 4T underwear. Ollie’s two and though he is quite the bruiser, he’s not wearing 4T stuff just yet. Our options were thusly limited to superheroes in general. We ended up with a combo pack of dudes in much too tight outfits that overjoyed man child.

Like Tucker could pass up getting a shot of this posterior for posterity:

Amy Tucker


  1. Adorable! My youngest opted for Scooby-Doo for his first big-boy undies.

  2. TOO. FREAKING. CUTE. Love it!


  1. Amy Tucker says:

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