Baby Feeds Taste Like Crazy

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They don’t really taste like crazy. That was just low hanging fruit.

But now you’re thinking, “Amy, what the heck are talking about and why are you writing an entire post about these ‘baby feeds’?”

I’m glad you asked!

First off, baby feeds is what I’m calling the category feeds I’ve set up. The ones I’ve been promising for several months now? Yeah, those. Hold your applause until the end of the post, please.

The feeds don't REALLY taste like crazy...cause you can't eat them.

The way this is going to work is you’ll have seven choices:

  1. Taste Like Crazy’s main feed–Subscribe to this if you want everything I write to come to you. You will know it all!
  2. Book Related–Subscribe to this and you’ll get anything book related. See what I did with that feed name? “Book related” includes any time I talk about writing, publish my own fiction, talk about a book that rocks and/or post a book review/giveaway.
  3. Food and Drink–Subscribe to this if you want to read about food, booze and be one of the first to know when I post an awesome recipe.
  4. Geek–Subscribe to this feed to be notified when I post a video–of any flavor–or talk about video games or anything dealing with technology. This includes social media and that fun stuff.
  5. Life–Subscribe to this one if you want to read about our lives. This includes but isn’t limited to anytime I mention the kids, something dumb Tucker did, something dumb the dog did, something I’m working on or some random thought that jumped into my brain. You get the idea. Mom? This is the one you want and I’ll show you how to do all this when we’re home for Christmas.
  6. Mental Health–Subscribe here if you want to read about mental health, mental illness and/or mania induced rants about being crazy. You know, light reading. Hopefully there won’t be much there but it needed its own place in case I need it.
  7. Reviews–Subscribe if you want to see my reviews/giveaways/contests and all that fun stuff. These reviews may or may not be paid; sometimes I just feel the need to spout my opinion for all to read.

I know I don’t always stick to a “mommy blog” format where I only talk about my kids and I know for a fact there are folks who only “read me” when I talk about geek stuff or when I talk about books/writing just like there are folks who only want to read about the kids.

There’s nothing wrong with that and now you can pick what you want to read.


  1. this is really cool, I wish you would halp mah site. HALP! I love everything you write because you make me giggle. Iz cuz I lub u.


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