Goodbye 28, Hello 29

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I’m not sure when I stopped liking my birthday.


It forces me to admit I’m getting older and eventually I’ll be that little old lady no one listens to and people patronize because they think she’s crazy. And who knows? Maybe by then I really will be crazy. And that means I’ll have lost all of my mental faculties and that’s a special kind of hell I don’t want to think too much on.

All that having been said, people tend to want to say, “Happy Birthday!” and give you cake and it makes them feel nice so it’s not like I’m going to say, “Yeah, it’s my birthday. BUT, don’t you dare tell me.”

Cause that would be weird.

And it makes me feel a little uncomfortable but I attribute it to the fact I don’t like all of the attention focused on me but if it’s my birthday then it’s OK to have it all focused on me. Right? And thanks for all the birthday wishes on Skype and Facebook. It’s been like immersion therapy.

And sometimes people cook yummy dinners for you. Like yesterday when we went to Birmingham to eat a yummy dinner with my Aunt Ginni and that part of the family.

I got two of the coolest cards; Tucker and I are really going to have to step up our greeting card game.

Since I know you’re dying to get me a present–How thoughtful of you, might I add?–here are a few things I would be most appreciative to receive:

  • Dell Vostro 2510 battery–9 cell if you’re feeling really generous
  • USB data cable for my Samsung Captivate
  • Bombay Sapphire and a jar of garlic and jalapeño stuffed olives
  • Spectacular fried rice
  • Spectacular sushi
  • Spectacular ribeye–medium rare to medium

In all actuality, I know I’m getting anything today and I’m cool with that. I’m just happy I’m getting over this crud so I can take care of Cara and Ollie without feeling like I’m living in hell. I NEVER thought I’d be like, “Hey! Don’t worry about getting me a kickass present! I’m not drowning in my own snot so I have my health! That’s enough for me!”

Wow. I’m getting old.

Tomorrow I start this Cinch! diet I agreed to do with some other cool females and that means I am gonna eat the zillion dollar pizza–Tucker’s name for it–that’s living in the freezer and drink a couple of pots of coffee and drink lots of artificially sweetened drinks.

It is my birthday, after all.


  1. lol…wish i was seeing numbers like 28 and 29 :/

  2. Hey Amy! I looked over your list of what you wanted for your birthday… so I got you something off of it. Spectacular sushi! I know that you are probably asking yourself, “but Andrew, you don’t live anywhere near me, how are you going to get me spectacular sushi?” Well the answer is this: USPS! Yes, being the patriotic person I am, I decided to use America’s very own postal service to get your spectacular sushi from me straight to you! I thought about packing it in ice first, then I realized that it would just melt and make the box all soggy. So, the next logical choice would be dry ice. But then I remembered that you have young offspring and children that young shouldn’t be around something as dangerous as dry ice. So, you guessed it, I shipped it without any sort of cooling, it was the only logical choice. But don’t fret, I’m sure that it will be delivered with amazing speed, minimizing any chance of food posioning. Since it appears that you have problems with locating good sushi places in your area, I got you another present. A subscription to “Southern Eclectic Dining!” Aren’t you excited? I got an awesome deal on it too, it was only $7.99 per an issue. It comes out bi-monthly and requires a 24 month commitment. I know that it sounds expensive, but it’s worth it, only the finest for you! Don’t worry, I was able to bill it to your address and I got you a set of free napkin rings for commiting you to a 48 month contract. I hope that this gift will be well received and I wish you a happy birthday!

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