I Had a Dragon When I Was Little

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With two kids, it’s a rare occasion when one child gets the lion’s share of attention.


Positive attention, that is. But every now and then the stars–and mud cookies–align perfectly.

Over a plate of cookies and tall glasses of milk:

Tucker: You know, I had a dragon when I was little.

Cara: Really? What kind of dragon?

Tucker: Nothing in particular–a mutt dragon.

Cara: Where did you keep it?

Tucker: Outside. Mama D doesn’t like pets n the house.

Cara: Not in the house?!

Tucker: They’re too messy. Have you ever seen the mess a dragon can make?

Cara: Dragons are messy?

Tucker: Sophie’s messsy, isn’t she?

Cara: Yeah…especially when she poops in the floor.


  1. And I have clean that up too.

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