Clean Boob of Health

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Ductogram was this morning and I suspect years of breastfeeding came in handy as I felt next to nothing.

Though the contrast did make me wonky for about fifteen minutes afterwards.

I had one of the coolest radiologist evah–I’ve known a lot of radiologists in my time from when I worked at Mayo so I can say dude was exceptionally cool.–and though my duct wasn’t being very cooperative, the doc and I had a grand time talking about Memphis and books we liked.

After the contrast was injected, I was given the gift to two very pinchy mammograms and the doc showed me my scans. All clear, yo!

If I have any more bleeding then I’ll have to have a MRI but at this point, my boob is in tip-top shape.

Then I came home and was mobbed by the kids and the dog and things went right back to normal.

I kind of dig normal.


  1. Rock on with your clean boobs.

  2. Yay for healthy boobs!!!

  3. I’m so glad to read this.

  4. my foot not only made it into Alana’s christmas cards, it is in her avatar. beware the podiatric ninjal skills.

    • This is about MY BEWB. NOT YOUR FOOT.

      Though “…podiatric ninjal skills.” might have elicited a giggle.

    • The only picture of Cade and I that is halfway decent has your foot in it. Go figure. It will probably end up in my scrapbook and possibly on my mantle as well. Face it, your foot is a photogenic good luck charm.

    • LOL Love. 😀

      I have your very awesome pictures for you, btw.

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