iRobot: Puts the Geek into Cleaning

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Once upon a time, there was a boy who joined the Navy.

I suspect Bender is not only looking for a bomb but also some part of this truck that still works.

Now this boy wasn’t content with just “regular” Navy; this boy wanted high-speed, super cool Navy and what could be cooler than bombs?! Luckily, the boy decided it was no fun to be cold and wet and he quit the Navy’s EOD program.

The boy’s wife rejoiced.

Even though Tucker decided to not do EOD, we still watched as countless soldiers’ names were read off after the evening news and too many of them were with an EOD unit; Tucker could have been one of those guys.

You’ve probably heard about iRobot because of their cleaning robots: Roomba and Scooba. I’ve never used either but I am getting a Roomba here soon for a focus group I attended with them at Blissdom. What you probably don’t know is they have a ton of fantastic military and government robots.

I’m a geek and while cleaning robots are awesome–I shall name mine Rosie after The Jetson’s amazing domestic diva.–iRobot’s other robots are what speak to me. Not like literally speaking to me cause then I’d be afraid my Roomba was conspiring with my PS3 to take over the apartment but the point is the pure geek part gets to me.

Those soldiers who lost their lives to keep others alive by finding IEDs? Now there are military robots that are saving lives by taking the place of a human–look at Scooby Doo.

Then there are the ocean/maritime robots that do everything from monitoring how the ocean’s doing–Check out iRobot’s Seaglider and what it did for the Gulf.–to detecting underwater mines.

All of this stuff lends a heck of a lot of street cred to iRobot’s domestic robots since there is always bleed over when it comes to geek; you just can’t help but infuse the geek of one thing you’re making into the geek of another.

So every time I see Rosie vacuuming up Sophie’s hair or yumming up on some random piece of cereal one of the kids left, I’ll be thinking, “Take that, pet hair IED! That’s what I thought, Cheerio mine!”

Cause you know I will.


  1. This military wife kinda digs their non-vacuuming robots too.

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