The Belly Rub of Vulnerability

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Vulnerability isn’t celebrated but maybe it should be.


Vulnerability is kind of like emotionally leaving the key under the door mat and crossing your fingers that your house isn’t going to be cleaned out while you’re gone.

The scary-beautiful part about vulnerability is you will never connect with anything unless you can get to that spot.

Whether it’s a book or blog that challenges you to look at another point of view, a dog that looks mean but seems to want to be petted or a person you want to befriend, closing yourself off will get you exactly what you have: nothing.

I’ve never been good at vulnerability. Being vulnerable means you’re weak and when you’re weak, people take advantage of that weakness. Think of vulnerability as blood in the water and people circling around and just waiting to catch a scent of it.

It’s taken me 29 years, a good friend, an amazing keynote, 14 pages of a damn good book and an awkward situation to make me realize there are some situations when being “strong” and “hard” and “untouchable” don’t do me a damn bit of good.

I’m not saying you should walk around like a victim waiting to happen but if you’re trying to form a relationship with someone, you’ll never truly succeed without exposing your soft underbelly and waiting for the strike.

If you’re lucky, you’ll just get your belly rubbed.


  1. And then I cried.

  2. I’d rub yer belly…but not sure how that would look if our spouses walked in. 😉

    Great article. I try to be as transparent (and therefore vulnerable) as possible. Sometimes I get hurt…but I think it’s worth it.

  3. Just when I was getting past the post-blissdom sadness. ((hugs))


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