Like a Hello Kitty Fly Girl…but Nicer

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Today was a ridiculously productive day for me.

Some would like to attribute it to the fact I started on my ADD meds again but since I’m only at 12mg at the moment, I like to attribute it to my general awesomeness.

At any rate, I sat down for a breather and Cara jumped in front of me.

“TAKE A PICTURE OF ME!!!” she screamed.

“Get over there on the couch, then.” I told her as I grabbed into the couch cushions for my phone.

Cara made all kinds of goofy faces and just as the TV caught her attention, I STRUCK.


  1. SUPAH FLY. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous.

    It could totally be a placebo effect… but there’s an effect.

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