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Going to E3 will make two dreams come true: going to E3 and swapping beauty secrets with the booth girls.


When I first started blogging, I decided early on I needed an outlet other than the “mommy blog” I had started. I like gadgets, I have been playing games since I first unwrapped my NES on my 5th birthday and any fool can see I give my opinion freely. Getting a job as a geek blogger was the perfect way for me to talk about stuff only gamers want to hear and to get paid for the privilege.

Soon I got a job with b5media writing for Ironic Gamer. Shortly after, I started writing for them on Sims Gamer and picked up another gig writing for their general gaming site and a short lived casual gaming site of theirs. The cherry on this cupcake of fun was the addition of a booze blog. [1] Snark, games and booze. Hellz yeah.

I occasionally slipped and couldn’t help but write stuff on my personal site like Assassin’s Creed, I Love YouOblivion and Insomnia, Your Mom’s a Gamer and the post that earned me a spot on BlogHer’s 2010 list of Voices of the Year: I Miss Gaming. There’s been other stuff but that’s a lot of links and you get the point.

Right before b5 let all of their bloggers go, I started my own Sims site: Sims 3 Gamer and though I have enough unique visitors on that site to garner a press pass to E3, what I don’t have is the cash to get me there and get me a place to stay. I had always written off E3 because of the cash issue and then my friend Heather linked me to a blogging ethics post that mentioned this contest Kmart was running where three fantabulous folks get to go to E3 with Kmart’s crew and said fantabulous folks get to cover whatever they want and soak up the geek atmosphere.

EA will be there and I can be all like, “Hi, EA. Wanna give me the inside scoop on what you’ve got up your sleeve for the Sims franchise?”

And you know? I’m proud of Sims3Gamer and what I’ve accomplished with the site in year. For me to be able to say I can get a press pass to E3, even with the new press restrictions, makes me very proud of what I’ve done. Actually, I guess it’s not totally what I’ve done but the readers I’ve come to appreciate and rely on for tips and support. What’s a site without it’s readers?

And then there’s the butt ton of games I’m lusting after:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • Diablo 3
  • Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim
  • Inversion
  • NeverDead
  • Shadows of the Damned/Damned
  • Silent Hill: Downpour
  • The Last Guardian
  • Walking Dead

If you can’t tell by that list, I’m a PC and PS3 gamer and some would say casual game abuser.

Do you have any idea HOW MANY HOURS of Feeding Frenzy and Bejeweled I have played?! Not to mention the COUNTLESS sims in The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 that I have led to an early demise. And then there was that whole Rise of Nations phase I refuse to apologize for. And Diablo II–my Sorceress held her own against Baal like a champ.

I am NOT the best gamer out there and I hold to the belief that camping is a valid gaming strategy. While everyone else is running around COD and crushing dudes, I sit pretty and wait for my one or two kills. But you know what? I enjoy the hell out of those kills. And then I get my throat slashed or something cause someone snuck up behind me. But that’s not the point! The point is I have fun before I get killed.

Some final thoughts:

  • I can hold my liquor.
  • I can hold a conversation with a brick wall–which has nothing to do with me holding my liquor–so I’m lots of fun.
  • I’m awesome at Rock, Paper, Scissors but I’m not a poor winner.
  • I’m kinda a big deal in my own head but I still remember the little people so there’s that.
  • Attack of the Show follows me on Twitter so I must be awesome…right?
  • But Adam Sessler doesn’t follow me so I’m only 1/2 awesome and that makes me a little bit sad.
  • I’m a hugger but in a totally platonic way.
  • Though I like to have fun, I know what I’m talking about and do my research; I find no enjoyment in embarrassing myself.
  • I have a cadre of friends and readers across Twitter, Facebook and both of my sites who not only know I just massacred the true meaning of cadre but are also loyal folks who help me share what I find important.

In short? Pick me. My bag is packed and I’ve got a spare charger.

And I have one last thing to add.

I’ve gone on about what I’m looking forward to at E3 but you guys have supported me via the comments section below, Twitter and this site, in general. Y’all have shown yourselves to be incredible people who have gone to the mat for me when people have been rude and stupid and I want to know: what are YOU looking forward to at E3? What do YOU want to see covered and written about?

Because you have a voice here just like you always have and I don’t want to miss out on an amazing opportunity to help you have your voices heard.

  1. [1]All of the blogs have been wrapped up and redirected to Every Joe. The links are all 404 or I’d link you to them.


  1. I will RT and share the heck out of this for you to get sponsored, darlin. Really. You should be there!

  2. I’d have to say this pretty much is only the tip of the iceberg dearest Amy, I am amazed by your gaming knowledge and by you as a friend, Kmart should totally pick you because you are the full package and im amazed at the reach you have across the web. Heck how else would I have met you? Good luck girl, you deserve this. xoxo

  3. No one knows her Sims like Amy. 🙂

    I would be so proud to see you picked to go to this. I can’t think of anyone better for the job!

  4. Charles Colp says:

    Anything at all I can do to help, just let me know. I don’t know a better gaming authority whose voice needs to be heard by the gaming masses. I research and buy 25-35 games a year not including the limited edition packs, special edition consoles, and 3 copies of each multi-player game so my beautiful wife and son have a chance to shoot me in various ways anytime they want. I always check to see what your take is on a game before I buy it and your articles have been the deciding factor on whether I bought a game or not several times.

    • This is probably the nicest thing you’ve ever said to/about me. And then I’m all like, “Respect my authoritah!” Not really. Cause I would pronounce–and spell–authority correctly because I use spell check.

      Cross your fingers for me?

  5. Out of all that I picked up on two things. You are a camper and something else. Camper… gosh, you may still be one of my favorites but I am rewriting the list after finding that out.

  6. Charles Colp says:

    yeah, I have been absent from twitter and facebook a lot but I am still around. Now I am the one blushing over your humility. Just keep writing the kick butt posts about games. I think the female game market is still under explored. My wife decides on the games just as much as I do and she plays them all, but you never see them marketed to women wanting to run and gun (except bulletstorm where my wife loves that she gets points for shooting the bad guys in the umm .. private areas.. and gets a reward for it.) lol..

  7. I know this would be an amazing opportunity for you. The world ought to see that gamers are more than single dudes in their parents’ basements and rec rooms.
    I think it could be fun if you had the opportunity to be the voice of gamer chicks.

  8. Back when Story Bleed was Blog Nosh, we were going to have a Gamer channel. Female gamers, in particular, are seriously under-appreciated. The channel never panned out because the editors were, I believe, too distracted. 😉 I’ve never forgotten it, though.

    PS- My single claim to geek fame is that Chris Hardwick created his @Nerdist twitter account after I sent a wave of traffic to his fledgling blog via twitter… and then I was the first person he followed. He’s, um, done really well on twitter since then.

  9. Now you’ve got me wondering if we should let you go to E3 at all…for your sanity, ya know 😉

    Srsly, there are very few people I’d rather read blogging about E3. Despite your PS3 affinity. Maybe you can snag a free Xbox 360 while you’re there and start gaming with the rest of us.

    • Talk about a backhanded compliment. 😀

      Maybe you should come over to the dark side and get yourself a PS3? 😉

  10. What’s wrong with having two platforms? 😉

    Of course, I may be a bit biased!

    • I’ve been with Playstation since it was just Playstation and I have a habit of being brand loyal– Ken Kutaragi would be proud. 😉

      However, I will admit Steve, our 20GB, needs to go quietly into retirement; the 320GB Move bundle is calling my name.

  11. got here from the Kmart site and since yur the only chic im glad yur not ugly cause that wud blow.

    I dont care if you can game just let me see yur bewbs

  12. Jordon Orr says:

    DEAD ISLAND! also take me!

  13. Oh, I so hope they pick you! You would totally rock this conference!

  14. darn it, how come nobody likes MY blog?


  1. JennaFarelyn says:

    RT @TheAmyTucker: Guys, I'd love your support on this and you know I don't ask often: http://bit.ly/hKjDxu

  2. frelle says:

    RT @TheAmyTucker: Guys, I'd love your support on this and you know I don't ask often: http://bit.ly/hKjDxu

  3. RT @TopsyRT: Gamer and Proud of It http://bit.ly/g3x4kU

  4. Jana Warnke says:

    @Kmart DOOODE I hope you get to go Amy!!! You rock my socks so hard RT @TopsyRT: Gamer and Proud of It http://bit.ly/g3x4kU

  5. Jana Warnke says:

    @Kmart DOOODE I hope you get to go @TheAmyTucker!!! You rock my socks so hard RT @TopsyRT: Gamer and Proud of It http://bit.ly/g3x4kU

  6. Go Amy!! RT @theamytucker: New Blog Post: Gamer and Proud of It http://su.pr/20KqEP

  7. Kat says:

    Send my gorgeous friend @TheAmyTuckerr to E3!!! Gamer and Proud of It – http://su.pr/1hrQsH She promises to still love you in the morning!

  8. Sarah says:

    RT @SassyIrishLasie: Send my gorgeous friend @TheAmyTuckerr to E3!!! Gamer and Proud of It – http://su.pr/1hrQsH She promises to still …

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    RT @TheAmyTucker: Contest ends Wednesday! Cross your fingers for me? KmartGamer: Take Me To E3 with You! http://bit.ly/g3x4kU

  11. lovely75one says:

    RT @TheAmyTucker: Contest ends Wednesday! Cross your fingers for me? KmartGamer: Take Me To E3 with You! http://bit.ly/g3x4kU

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