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Angry Birds: The Movie Trailer

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I do not play Angry Birds. I also don't own the original, Rio and Seasons. I also don't have the game on Steve the PS3. And my kids don't holler, "BIRD BONUS! BIRD BONUS!" when a bird isn't left behind on the slingshot of the game I don't play. But I DO love me some ...

Sophie, The Goat Pit Bull, Ate Two Pounds of Homemade Caramel

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goat eating can

Sophie is a goat. No, no she's not. She's really a pit bull but considering all the stuff she eats--that's not food--she has to have an ancient goat ancestor. Consider it a part of the fossil record yet undiscovered. There was the time, she was about ten weeks old, when she ate part of a broken beer ...

How To Customize {0 Comments} In Thesis

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Over the past month, I've been redoing a site and I'm just about done. However, there was one part that kept me crossing my eyes and aimlessly searching the Google for a solution: How the heck do you change the text of {0 Comments} on the front page of the Thesis theme?! My personal solution--on this site ...

Battle of the Tarts

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Dr Craig

I think it was around the time Katy Perry released California Gurls that Cara became obsessed with Perry. I don't think I knew who sang the song when I first heard it but it had Snoop Dogg so I figured it couldn't be all bad. My first exposure to Katy Perry was with her "I ...

Give Me Your Laughs, Your Comments, Your Huddled Animated Gifs

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I've been working a lot on Alli's sites and basically have had nothing to say. When you don't do much other than bitch at CSS and PHP and mutter to yourself about drop shadows, it's hard to come up with something interesting, engaging and all around awesome to write. That and the fact that anytime I ...

Tucker’s Not Going To Japan. Yay!

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Tucker has this knack for telling me stuff right before he heads to drill that doesn't seem like a big deal at the time but then he's gone for the whole weekend and I don't talk to him much during that time cause he's playing Navy and I have the kids and...yeah. I don't know what ...

Ten Minutes of a Psychic Reading for Me

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I must admit I'm not quite sure how to start out a post about me calling for a psychic reading because I got a DM on Twitter from Cecily. But I guess that pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? I went digging through the Hollywood Psychics site and you'd think some of those folks would ...

What Does Well Look Like?

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Tambako the Jaguar

Each time, at the end of my session, my counselor gives me homework, of sorts. I know it's meant as something to center my thinking and as a therapy outside of the confines of her office. I get that and I struggle with her questions. Two months ago the question was: what do you think causes your "daddy ...

Get a Strong Opinion

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I read a post a couple of weeks ago that hypothesized the only way someone became successful at blogging was by taking a strong stance on something. This line of thinking has been going on since the end of last year when I was compiling a list of my favorite posts on Taste Like Crazy through ...

Important Stuff, Yo

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Eva Blue

Right at this moment, I'm watching Season 4, Ep. 3 of Wire in the Blood. If you haven't watched it, I highly suggest it. Netflix has it streaming. I'm also taking a break from some geek work I'm doing so I'm in a bit of a rush to remind you of some stuff I think is ...


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Jana says, "...u have gang d on ur foot..."

I broke my foot. Pretty sure I did. ACTUALLY, I'm going to blame this one on Sophie since I was taking her out to pee when I stepped on the curb weird and my foot popped and a purple spot showed up on the top of my foot. It's in the mid-forties outside so when I came ...

Brain Shutdown

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Thanks to Crystal Light for sponsoring this post. To learn more about how Crystal Light can flavor your day with 30 refreshing flavors, visit http://www.facebook.com/crystallight. I've decided balance isn't possible. How's that for a depressing way to start out? Maybe balance just isn't possible for me? At any rate, all I can hope for is the pursuit ...