I Can Be Your Rock

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Tucker, you are part of my heart, part of my soul and part of my reason for being.


When you are scared it scares me but I know I have to be strong enough to shoulder your fear just as you’re strong enough to shoulder mine.

We will get through this.

We will overcome this.

Even if your job stops and we are left wondering how we will provide for our kids, we’ll keep going and you will get your MBA-Roll tide, y’all–and we’ll be better for it.

Nothing can keep us down if we’re together and we know this and we’ll see this through and we’ll be stronger after all of this crap is over.

I say this here because I know you’ll read it and it’s late at night–though you’ll see this tomorrow–and this is what keeps going through my head.

I love you like I never thought I could love someone.

I can be your rock even though I have a habit of being wimp.


  1. thank you for sharing your heart with your readers too, tonight. <3

  2. tucker says:

    Thank you, I am better now.
    Keep calm and carry on, right?
    The initial shock has worn off, and now we just have to keep moving forward.


  1. JennaFarelyn says:

    RT @TheAmyTucker: New Blog Post: I Can Be Your Rock http://su.pr/2gNfOD

  2. RT @TheAmyTucker: New Blog Post: I Can Be Your Rock http://su.pr/2gNfOD

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