I’m Expecting Tucker Retribution

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I don’t like Tucker’s iPhone. I prefer my Android Captivate. We are a house divided.

However, there is one thing I like about Tucker’s phone and it’s the phone’s forward facing camera. Before last night, I hadn’t messed with the phone too much which means once I got my hands on it, I took a million pictures.

The one picture I love the most is one that makes Tucker look like a complete dork. I told him he needed to put on a collared shirt so I could pop his collar and he could look like a complete douche.

This picture is bound to bring the wrath of Tucker upon my head but I can’t help myself.


  1. you guys look so cute!!

  2. ITS TUCKER! Well if witty means dorky then he’s sort of just got to learn to deal with it right? Even if he gets all wrathy on your ass.

  3. Alana Parker says:

    He’s gonna KILL you and I simply cannot get enough of Mr. Hamster over there…

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