Brain Shutdown

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I’ve decided balance isn’t possible.


How’s that for a depressing way to start out?

Maybe balance just isn’t possible for me? At any rate, all I can hope for is the pursuit of balance–some days I’ll win and some days not.

It’s that search that makes things interesting.

Even before I got hitched and had a couple of kids, balance was a struggle but there were things I used to help center me and I’ve added a couple of others along the way.

  • I play video games. My poison of choice is The Sims 3. I play because I like it, because I write about it and I play to lose track of my thoughts and daily worries. And there are the RPGs you can start playing and then look up and realize you’ve been playing for hours. Haven’t done that in years though…maybe they just don’t make games like they used to?
  • I read. I like long series of books where they’re all available to me. And they’re not literary fiction, by any means. Nothing like a little damsel in distress to give your brain a chance to reboot.
  • I annoy Tucker. I suspect I should do this more. Not only does it give me a chance to talk with an adult but it also brings me tons and tons of joy. You’re welcome, Tucker.
  • I bake bread. I’m not sure if there’s anything better than starting with my head all screwed up and finishing with a house that smells heavenly and a big loaf of bread. Granted, my arms will probably be sore from the kneading but I definitely won’t be hungry.
  • I watch YouTube videos with Tucker. Yes. I’m a dork. But watching Philip DeFranco rant about politics or Mystery Guitar Man create some kind of insane music with a rubber band or something is an escapist’s dream.
I guess that’s what the drive for balance really is for me: an attempt to shut my brain off. With so much going on with the kids and Tucker and worrying about what’s going to happen with Tucker’s job, sometimes shutting your brain off is the best thing you can do.

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  1. My husband loves to bake bread. Do you have a favorite book of bread recipes? If so, please share. He’s always looking for more. I got him Beard on Bread last year for Christmas and, so far, it’s his favorite. I call him a “bread geek”, but I really do love how the house smells when one of his loaves is baking and they all taste divine!

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