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I read a post a couple of weeks ago that hypothesized the only way someone became successful at blogging was by taking a strong stance on something.


This line of thinking has been going on since the end of last year when I was compiling a list of my favorite posts on Taste Like Crazy through the years and reading that post just pulled it all back to the surface.

The thing that annoys me–and made me a bit sad–is I used to have strong opinions. I wasn’t particularly concerned with what anyone thought and I wrote what was important to me.

And then, as I blogged more and became more entrenched in the interwebs, I lost some of that drive to have a strong opinion.

I’ve rolled it over in my head for a good deal of time and I can’t think of too many things I have a strong opinion on any longer and that bugs me.

Sure there are things that piss me off momentarily or things I know just aren’t right but when I sit down to write about them, I just feel tired and like there’s no point in it.

Am I alone in this? Have I become disillusioned by the internet and all the pundits and everyone being so willing to jump up and down and flap thier arms and say things just to bait people?

Color me confused and annoyed but not confused and annoyed enough to have a strong opinion.


  1. Charles Colp says:

    I feel the same way. I blame the Jerry Springer effect, it started with shock jocks on the radio saying things they didn’t really believe, just to shock and get people fired up. If your audience is fired up whether it is for or against you… they are still paying attention. Now we see it on all of the news channels, all of the primetime “reality” shows, and of course in video games too. I would rather get upset about something because it is a fact I idealogically oppose instead of something said simply to rip an emotional response from me.

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