Ten Minutes of a Psychic Reading for Me

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I must admit I’m not quite sure how to start out a post about me calling for a psychic reading because I got a DM on Twitter from Cecily. But I guess that pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?


I went digging through the Hollywood Psychics site and you’d think some of those folks would be more careful with their avatars. I’m being fair here cause what else do you have to go on when you’re looking at a psychic website other than their picture and their name? Some of the pictures are scary and some don’t have avatars at all and am I really going to trust my psychic reading to a default avatar? I think not.

I called up the number I had been given and Hollywood Psychics? Y’all need to slow that menu chick down cause she talked just about as fast as John Moschitta Jr..[1] I had picked Alarah out of the group of folks and I hoped I didn’t fat finger her extension…actually, I just hoped I was in the right menu since I wasn’t even sure I had punched in the right number.

Maybe I shouldn’t have started out like I did but I told her at the very beginning that I had been given ten minutes to talk with her and then write a blog post about it. To her credit, she didn’t seem fazed. She did a “Slice of Life” reading–Tarot reading–but didn’t get all the way through it cause my ADD took over and I started asking her questions. During the course of the conversation, we went over astrology and talked about theology and all kinds of fun stuff I don’t usually get a chance to talk about.

And ya know, tt was just a fun way to spend some time and she was a good conversationalist and if I was given more credits, I’d call her back. But I put keystrokes to the default calculator on my laptop and at $2.29/minute, it’s far cheaper for me to just keep going to my counselor.

Then again, my counselor hasn’t told me I’ll definitely be going to E3 with Kmart.

  1. [1] Dude of Micro Machines fame.

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