Tucker’s Not Going To Japan. Yay!

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Tucker has this knack for telling me stuff right before he heads to drill that doesn’t seem like a big deal at the time but then he’s gone for the whole weekend and I don’t talk to him much during that time cause he’s playing Navy and I have the kids and…yeah.


I don’t know what we were doing–Maybe I was putting up groceries?–but Tucker started telling about how he heard from one of the guys he used to drill with in Millington that the guys were all being activated to help with Japan. Each reserve unit is attached to an “active” unit and Millington is attached to Misawa[1]. Misawa is in Japan and I didn’t really need to connect those dots, did I? Sorry.

We talked about it for a bit, I told him I didn’t want to talk about it and we went back to doing whatever it was we had been doing that I can’t remember.

And then he went to Nashville. And I read some more news on Japan and Labia–I officially decreed on Twitter that Labia is the new and much more appropriate way to spell Libya. Please make the appropriate changes.

And I freaked out. Thanks, Tucker.

I’m scared enough for all the people over there without worrying about my ass of a husband. What?! That’s a term of endearment.

You should have seen the dreams I had last night…though that would have been awkward to have some random person in my dream. I do have my boundaries, people.

We have three more drill weekends and then he’ll be out. With everything that’s going on in Labia and Japan and stuff, Tucker getting out of the Reserves can’t happen fast enough.

  1. [1]The Navy’s site blows so that’s the Airforce site.


  1. Dan is on his way to the states and Michelle and Jew are in Thailand. Being in Japan is not a good thing right now.

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