Give Me Your Laughs, Your Comments, Your Huddled Animated Gifs

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I’ve been working a lot on Alli‘s sites and basically have had nothing to say. When you don’t do much other than bitch at CSS and PHP and mutter to yourself about drop shadows, it’s hard to come up with something interesting, engaging and all around awesome to write.

That and the fact that anytime I considered writing I got all tired and stuff and decided it probably wasn’t worth the effort.

And so I’ve decided to provide myself with entertainment by adding some animated gifs to my growing list of posts of animated gifs. Cause they make me laugh. Expect long load times.

Have a great Friday, everyone.


Kmart’s E3 contest ends on the 30th and I still want to go. Give my post a read and leave some supportive words or something. Cause that would make me happy and when I’m happy, rainbows are left in my tracks. And who doesn’t like rainbows, right?


  1. *snort* I need more stupid of this variety in my life.

    I have plenty of the garden variety stupid and it’s making me want to claw my eyes out.

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