More On EA’s Sometimes Bumbling Marketing

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Remember yesterday when I went on a very mini-rant about EA’s PR folks and how they have a habit of bungling the PR of some games and then those games don’t sell like they should and maybe they get bad publicity and sometimes there IS such a thing as bad publicity…especially when it involves sensationalized “news” stories dedicated to the game.

And that was an impressively long sentence. Yay, me.

The same site where you can find Yahtzee’s videos also has Extra Credits. Think of it as a show about video games but it usually makes your brain hurt a bit since the videos’ creators seem to expect you to actually THINK about what they’re talking about. The nerve!

A few months back, Extra Credits did “An Open Letter to EA Marketing” and this sums up exactly what I was griping about. Except they do it better. And it’s animated.

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