What To Wear To E3 That Isn’t Cosplay Related

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Bit of advice: when trying to figure out what to wear to one of the biggest geekfests in the world, don’t just use Google images as your resource.

One word: Cosplay.

I do this every time I have a socially intimidating function to attend. It’s kind of like the first day of school but times about a bazzillion and without the booze.

I kill Tucker with clothes questions for months before something like this but I’ve gotten better! I’ve barely mentioned the clothes thing this time. Has that meant that I haven’t been obsessing in my head? Of course not but the point is that the “clothes thing” isn’t one of the reasons Tucker wants to strangle me on a daily basis.

Basically I can’t control anything about what’s going to happen in June so I’m trying to micromanage this clothing dealio and I’ve decided I want to look like I’m from Anthropologie–the store not the study. It’s eclectic and funky and smells good. I could be called worse things.

I know there are going to tons of folks running around in their t-shirts that haven’t seen the inside of a washer in a month; I will be more presentable than those people. I also know there are going to be people who are dressed to the nines. Imagine a bell curve–I tried to create one for you but gave up. I want to be at the very top of the curve on the way down on the right side of said curve.

Clothes fairy? Here’s what I’m gonna need…though it’s not a COMPLETE list. Hope you have room left on your charge card cause these cool geek clothes are gonna cost ya.

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