Laptop Security Picture of Cara

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Last week Klout gave me a subscription to GadgetTrak–an electronic security tracking program.

The program accesses your webcam every so often and grabs a shot of whatever is on the other end of the webcam. Then it emails you a report of where your laptop–or whatever electronic–is hanging out and the image.

Initially it freaked me out since this bright blue light pops up when the webcam is turned on; now I just ignore it.

Today Cara was sitting on my lap and I think the light caught her by surprise. What do you think?

Cara and the webcam


  1. Ick ick no.
    Not that Cara isn’t adorable. Just ugh, no random, unexpected pictures. NO.

    • Yeah, I’m thinking about killing the program. If I did a lot of traveling then maybe this would be the thing for me but Darwin just hangs out at our apartment.

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