Recap From the First Day of E3 2011

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I would love to be able to post about all the games I checked out today but it’s late…my laptop says it’s almost 2:30 but my phone says it’s almost 1am. Whatever the case, it’s late.

Amy Tucker E3 2011 Badge

Mah Badge!

And I’m tired.

And my feet hurt.

However, I could leave E3 today and be happy camper

Did I see all the game I hoped to see?


Did I see some AMAZING games like Skyrim? Yeah. Yeah, I did.

I’ll get to Skyrim tomorrow–I have two pages of notes about that–and I already posted about Sims 3 Pets on Sims 3 Gamer.

This day has been filled with hour long VIP meetings with game developers and checking out “first looks” at games like Prey 2, Rage, Arkham and of course, Skyrim, which I can’t say enough about but I will do my best tomorrow.

Today has been all about walking the floor and my brain, still being on CST instead of PST, it’s all mush and I’m quite sure I left it back in Alabama somewhere; the amount of E3 related posts I have in my little brain overwhelms me.

In the end, I had a fabulous meal with some of the KmartGaming crew at a fabulous Italian restaraunt in L.A. and managed to give my feet a rest; I suspect I now wear a size eight instead of a seven due to the swelling from running from one meeting to the other.

I know some of you guys will unfollow me because of my copious tweets relating to E3 but you have to know gaming is something I’m passionate about and I hope you stick with me through all of this awesomeness.

You guys know I stay at home with Cara and Ollie and I love to write and I love gaming. It’s not ALL I’m about, but it’s a big part and to all of you who supported me in my efforts to get selected to be one of the KmartGamer bloggers, I sincerly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

And, so you can laugh at me, here’s a video from today:


  1. I, for one, am enjoying your tweets. And yay for pursuing your passion:)

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