Video Ammunition for Cara and Ollie’s Friends

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When I wake up and can hear my coffee pot creating all that black goodness, I know I’m up too early.

I had this weird dream last night where I joined Vo-Tech and I had to live in this hotel room thing with RA like women but they wore guns and dressed like prison guards. Explain that dream, Mr. Freud.

After I got a couple of sips of coffee and scalded the roof of my mouth, I decided to spread my weird mood around and test my hypothesis that the thinner the mood was spread, the less the mood’s effects would be felt.

Best way to spread the mood? Taking videos of the kids and then posting said videos on YouTube and then here.

Because their friends won’t have enough embarrassing ammunition when the kids are 11, right?

When baby dolls and pillow pets start being used as weapons, baby dolls and pillow pets end up in my lap. And Cara throws a hell of a fit.

Ollie is at his cutest when he’s asleep.

Cara’s hair has a mind of its own.

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