Questions From This Weekend and an Announcement

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Why does my son never wear pants?

Question Mark

Karen Eliot

Why does my daughter all the sudden want to wear diapers over her clothes?

Why did my peanut butter cocoa cookies end up tasting more like peanut butter cocoa cake things?

Why doesn’t my daughter like hamburgers?

Why does my dog stink so much?

Have my kids’ toys been reproducing while we weren’t looking?

How is it that the second I put my half finished book on my phone that I find a mistake every six lines or something?

Why does the apartment complex always put the chemicals in the pool during the day and only on the days we want to go swim?

Why does Steve the PS3 make so much noise?

If the people upstairs have moved, why does it still sound like elephants are dancing up there?

Is someone squatting in the apartment above us?

Is the apartment above us haunted?

Cinemagraph bulldogWhy do my kids refuse to sleep normal human sleeping hours?

How did this list get so long?

Of Special Note:

I’ve been asked to write as an independent blogger for Kmart Gamer. They’re who I won that trip to E3 through and I’m one of six writers they’ve selected. I get to write about what I want–if it’s game related–and when I want to write it and I get to write it the way I want. It’s a pretty cool deal and I’m excited to be involved in this project.

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