Grounded From TV

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Mykl Roventine

My kids are grounded from television. [That’s not something I was expecting to say or write for at least a couple more years.]

I don’t even remember what spurred the “grounding” but it boils down to the fact their rooms resemble a disaster zone and I’m tired of picking up their crap.

So what if they’re only four and two? All I’m asking is that they toss toy A into bucket B and repeat but with different toys because that would be pointless to toss the toy in and then take it out and toss it back in…

Here’s the thing: I don’t care if their rooms stay like they are right now. They can stay just like that until we move into a house. I don’t have to go in there except to put them to bed and as long as there’s a path from their beds to the door then I’m golden. The problem is when Cara demands I clean her room.

Oh. Hell. No.

It’s not that’s she stands in front of me with her hands on her hips and says, “Mother! You shall clean my room! Get to it, maid! Chop-chop!” But it is pretty damn close.

I decided that if she wants her room clean then she can clean it herself and the same goes for Ollie. As an added incentive, I turned off the TV and it’ll stay off until they pick up their rooms.

To go from the television being on from 0600 till bedtime to no TV other than when I’m doing yoga has been a welcomed change…for me, at least. The first day was filled with complaints and questions about the television and the occasional come apart but today it’s been relatively quite. Quiet from no TV and quiet cause the kids have been off playing in their rooms.

Correction. They have been playing quietly when they aren’t in here asking me to do something for them which generally means they’re tired of entertaining themselves. I fell for this trick a couple of times before I remembered they never wanted me to help them play dress-up when the TV had been on.

Am I ignoring the two televisionly deprived children? Nope but I’m also not going to entertain them so they don’t get bored.

Boredom is the father of invention, right? Or is it boredom is the father of all sins? Something tells me it’s both.

And now I’m worried about why it’s been so quiet around here…

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