Call of Duty Baby Mashup

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I’m overly proud of this picture I just mashed up for my Kmart Gamer post–which I haven’t finished yet because I’ve been procrastinating by making this image–and wanted you to see it. Because I like it when you scratch your head and wonder what the hell is wrong with me.

Does it make more sense if I tell the piece is about kid friendly games?

Yeah…didn’t think so.

Cara says they’re bunny troopers. “Hop, hop, shoot, shoot. Hop, hop, shoot, shoot”

Click on the image to blow it up.

Created from this and this.

Call of Duty Baby Mashup

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  1. CharlesColp says:

    that reminds me of catching my 5 yo on the xbox the other morning. He has taken my thumbdrive so he could play black ops like daddy does, when I came in the room I heard someone on the tv cussing my account. The guy was mad because apparently “I” had killed him 6 times in a row. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was my five year old that had killed him so many times.

  2. @CharlesColp Completely inappropriate age wise but still funny as hell. 😀

  3. CharlesColp says:

    @TheAmyTucker that is why he had to steal my thumbdrive with my account on it, his is age restricted, he knew mine wasn’t lol…

  4. @CharlesColp I wasn’t talking shit like it was your fault I just meant in general. And I can totally see Cara doing that same thing. Hell, she and Ollie both already turn on the TV and the PS3 and pick what they want on Netflix or nab Tucker’s iPad and do what they want. What’s with kids these days? 😀

  5. CharlesColp says:

    @TheAmyTucker sorry if it came across bad I wasn’t offended or anything. He has been hacking my accounts since he was 3 and learned to use my credit card on playstation.. Yeah kids today are totally going to make us parents look like fools lol…

    When he was younger he stole his moms cell phone and started calling people at 4 am

  6. @CharlesColp I was afraid I pissed you off and/or offended you. Glad that isn’t the case.

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