Last Night’s Storm

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I got three or four texts from the Weather Channel last night before I believed we were actually going to get some rain. This huge gust of wind came down the breezeway and it sounded like it was coming to get me. I decided that was a good time to go in.

By the time I got to our room, stuff was being blown past the windows and I half expected to see a cow wiz by but, alas, all I saw were branches and trash and stuff like that. OK. Now that I think about it, the whole cow thing would have been really sad and then really gross when the thing hit an apartment. Why did I just go there?

TheAmyTucker weather tweet.

I was scared of storms when I was little but I’ve grown to appreciate them in all their noisy glory but last night was ridiculous.

The thunder was loud enough that it set off car alarms and shook the ground and it lasted long enough that I started to wonder if it was something other than thunder. The lightning was bright enough that it lit up our room.

The power went on and off and finally stayed off from maybe 1230 until I’m not totally sure. Wouldn’t you know I had salmon in the fridge to thaw. I do know for a fact it was back on at 0400 because when I got up to go pee I turned on the bathroom light and then wondered if the power was back on. I was probably still asleep. I hope I was still asleep. Otherwise it sounds like I missed a couple of days of medication. I’m going to make sure I cook the salmon to done today.

I woke the second time with a certain four year old’s foot in my face.

Waking to find Cara–who sleeps sideways–in our bed would normally have bugged the crap out of me but hell, I was scared last night. I can only imagine how scared Cara, all the way in the back of the apartment by herself in her very messy room, must have been.

It’s been overcast for the whole day and as I’m finishing this up, thunder is starting to roll again and I hope we don’t have a repeat of last night.

At least the salmon will have been eaten by then.

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