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Vintage Record Player

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When I write I listen to Pandora on my laptop; I listen to it so much that I had to buy a year subscription to it because I kept going over the allowed hours per week.

The reason for all that music listening is it’s the only way I can halfway stay focused on what I’m writing and not screw around on the internet. Usually it works.

Fast paced music works best for me and usually it needs to have a strong bass line to keep me focused. Pitbull works perfectly and it has absolutely nothing to do with the alleged small crush I might possibly maybe have on him.

Example in case you don’t know who I’m talking about:

But today I’m writing to a completely different style of music. Amos Lee is what I’m rocking today.

If you still don’t recognize the guy, you’ll recognize this song:

Hope you dig the tunes. I’ve been digging the music so much this morning that I wanted to share it.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Buzzregog says:

    I’m usually cranking Pandora as well. So far I have not had to buy a sub but since I cut back on my gaming a ton I suspect I may end up doing it next month.

  2. Buzzregog says:

    Oh and great tunes, like em both. Not much in the thumpin base , but is nice for a change of pace 🙂

  3. jg.catbytes says:

    I try to explain that to my wife, she doesn’t get it. She can’t operate unless it’s absolutely silent. When I try to work in absolute quite my brain goes from “Why can’t I paste this forumula in Excel” to “I think Roswell was the worst coverup in US History” in about 8 seconds.

  4. ShredderFeeder says:

    P.S. This comment system *SUCKS*

  5. @ShredderFeeder Quit being an angry old man. 😀

  6. @ShredderFeeder Quit being an angry old man. 😀

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