Willie Nelson Covers Coldplay’s The Scientist and It Doesn’t Suck

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Willie Nelson in concert.

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First thing this morning, Heather asked me if I had heard the Willie Nelson cover of Coldplay’s The Scientist.

This was before I had a chance to get down my first cup of coffee and, though I had some reservations, I gave it a listen.

When I started looking for the video of the cover, I found out it was recorded for a Chipotle short about “anti-factory farms.” Whatever. Still a good cover.

Here’s the original:


and here’s Willie’s version:


After a few seconds, my first thought was Johnny Cash’s cover of NIN’s Hurt and I suppose that’s a natural association. This the NIN version–pay no mind to the video just listen to the song. Did I ever tell you Tucker and I went to a NIN concert when we lived in Jax and I was this close to Trent Reznor’s rather hot, leather covered self? Well, I was. It was awesome.

This is Cash’s version. Reznor basically said Hurt became Cash’s song. Random gripe: it pisses me off I can’t cite the original source. I can’t watch the video without crying because I’m a big baby and the video is perfect for the song.

While Willie’s cover of The Scientist doesn’t transform the song like Cash’s cover of Hurt, it’s still a cool take on a popular song. I feel like I should include some mention of marijuana since this is Willie Nelson I’m talking about but this is the best I could muster. I’ll try harder next time.


  1. HeatherSolos says:

    I actually knew about the Chipotle thing, but I didn’t want to color your perception before you listened.

  2. @HeatherSolos Secret keeper.

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