I Wrote This At Kmart Gamer: Give Me My Perks, Fallout: New Vegas!

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I wrote this last week…I think. I don’t really remember.

If you play vidgiegames then you might find this interesting, if you don’t play vidgiegames then you probably shouldn’t read this and you most definitely shouldn’t click over to Kmart Gamer; you’ll just be bored and/or confused.

Look right.You can read this stuff instead!

theamytucker fallout new vegas lvl 30

I don’t want to play Fallout: New Vegas anymore and I haven’t completed the main quest. In fact, I just got to The Strip in New Vegas.

I’ve had Boone and Rex with me for most of the way and we’ve been wandering around completing side quests killing stuff. I didn’t even realize I was at the level cap for a while; I was too busy blowing up those stupid fire geckos.

But once I realized I wasn’t gaining any more experience points, I just wanted to take my sniper rifle and go home. Am I the only one who experiences this profoundly childish reaction?

Read the rest of the awesomeness at Kmart Gamer…or don’t. But that would make me sad. But not so sad that I would cry. Probably. And you could comment over there, too. That would make me smile and they wouldn’t think I’m a total loser. Think of it as a gold star for your soul. Or something.

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