I Wrote This At Kmart Gamer: Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure: An Abomination or a Sure Thing?

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I wrote this, too! And TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY! I know. I’m shocked as well. And even though I’m posting about posts I’ve already posted on another site, I’m still counting them.

AND I’m planning on writing a real post after this. Don’t set the post bar very high though, folks. This might be a posting record and stuff but I excel at maintaining low expectations. That way, when I’m super-duper awesome–like today–you’ll be shocked and awed and stuff.

You’re welcome.

This Kmart Gamer post might interest even some of you who DON’T play video games since this post focuses on a “kid” game your kids are probably going to be bugging you about. Seriously. If your kids haven’t started whining about this yet, just wait. It’s going to happen. Consider this a community service. Or something?

Look right.You can read this stuff instead!

The first–and only–time I played Spyro, I had rented a PSOne from Hastings and Spyro was one of the few titles they had available. By the end of that weekend, I wouldn’t have called myself a die hard fan but I liked the game; I thought it was cute.

Jump forward many, many years to E3 2011.

The last meeting I attended, right before I had to fly home, was the Activision meeting and I was all ready to hear about Modern Warfare 3. When we walked into the room, I was greeted with this:

E3 2011 Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

I'm talking about the sign, not the guy. The guy was super nice.

Um…OK? Totally not what I was expecting.

And by “totally not what I was expecting” I mean I was really thinking, “Can we go ahead and scoot to Starbucks since we have to leave in the middle of this anyway and I want to get to the front of the coffee line and I couldn’t give two crispy sheep about another Spyro game?”

What?! I like coffee!

Read the rest of the awesomeness at Kmart Gamer…or don’t. But that would make me sad. But not so sad that I would cry. Probably. And you could comment over there, too. That would make me smile and they wouldn’t think I’m a total loser. Think of it as a gold star for your soul. Or something.

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