We’ve Almost Bought a House!

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My new kitchen

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I’ve been looking at houses to buy since we lived in Florida seven years ago–I can’t believe it’s been that long!

Something always came up that made the idea of buy a house kind of silly but we’ve been in Huntsville for almost three years and Tucker finally has a stable job and we’ve kind of run out of excuses. And by that I mean Tucker’s run out of excuses. [Ooo! BURN! Like that, Tucker? heh]

Our long, annoying search for THE HOUSE has finally come to an end! I’m totally going to jinx this since we don’t close until Halloween–How’s that for the best closing day ever?!–but I’m dropping off our contract and earnest money here in a few minutes.

The coolest part of all of this is that we asked for a butt ton of stuff and they agreed with a nominal counter and then agreed with OUR counter that was the asking price. But here’s the deal, they’re putting up 2″ wooden blinds, privacy fencing the backyard, buying us out of our apartment lease, leaving the side-by-side fridge and paying our closing costs. Pretty freakin’ sweet, huh?

My biggest concern about all of this has absolutely nothing to do with the house or closing or any of that.

It’s this:

Here’s the thing, we’re buying what is probably the least expensive house in the entire subdivision. In fact, the sign at the entrance of the subdivision lists the starting price of the houses at $50k more than what we’re paying for our house. So, while we won’t have a problem selling our house when we get ready and we’re ending up in a great subdivision, I’m worried our neighbors are going to nickname us the Clampetts.

But we’re going to have a yard! The kids have never had a yard and Sophie will be nine in April and she’s never had a yard. I can finally plant a garden! And you should see the view from our back patio; it looks out over a cattle farm and straight at a mountain. OK. I call it a mountain. Tucker calls it a hill. I call him stupid.

We’re within walking distance to Cara and Ollie’s elementary school and the school is not only brand new but also really highly rated. Which is fabulous considering most of the new construction around here is in a craptastic school’s area. Like so craptastic that the house prices in that area are probably $30k less than they would be in a moderately good area.

Are you excited? Cause I’m excited so you should be excited! YAY!

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  1. HeatherSolos says:

    I am thrilled for you!

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