I Wrote This At Kmart Gamer: I Am Alive Really is Still Alive and Coming to PSN and XBLA

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This Kmart Gamer post might interest you if you like to play video games.

If you DON’T like to play video games…actually, if you don’t like to READ about video games then you’re not going to want to keep reading and I’m pretty surprised you’ve gotten THIS far so, bravo! Not that I’m implying you can’t read.

I mean “Bravo!” you’ve read this far since I’m writing about video games and you don’t like reading about video games you just like to PLAY video games.

Oh, whatever.

Look right.Read this stuff instead!

When I first heard the concept of I Am Alive, I was intrigued and wary.

Intrigued since it kind of sounded like they had tossed in a helping of the old Resident Evil, a smidgen of some sort of sim and half a cup of Fallout and then some Uncharted just to be funny. Wary because it was a bit too close to a possible reality. Something like this: I enjoy the idea of zombies but not the brain-eating reality.

And now I have you wondering where I’m going with this…read the concept below.

“Chicago, June 2009. A 10.3 magnitude earthquake destroys the city and shatters your life as an ordinary citizen. As the rescue mysteriously fails to arrive, you are trapped in an environmental and social chaos that gets worse by the hour. Your only way out is to set up a massive refugee camp to hopefully attract rescue’s attention. You will need to find resources and organize survivors to create your headquarters. In the midst of Chicago’s ruins, you’ll have to both preserve and sacrifice in order to survive during 7 days. Rescue, heal, protect, kill, ambush or steal. But first, try staying alive. It could happen to you, so ask yourself: what would you do?”

See? In this case, the big ass earthquake equals brain-eating zombies. Or something.

The POINT is that I was seriously scared of interested in I Am Alive and was relieved seriously bummed when I saw the game was only coming to PC; my laptop would run screaming while its processor giggled.

I didn’t hear anything about the game for a long time and since I have the attention span of a lobotomized chimpanzee on meth, I completely forgot about the game. And then, there’s the announcement that the I Am Alive’s coming to PSN and XBLA.

Read the rest of the awesomeness at Kmart Gamer…or don’t. But that would make me sad. But not so sad that I would cry. Probably. And you could comment over there, too. That would make me smile and they wouldn’t think I’m a total loser. Think of it as a gold star for your soul. Or something.

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