Sippy Cups and Fall Wreaths? Yeah, I Don’t Know Either.

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For the past couple of days, I’ve been throwing away sippy cups.

It started once we found this house and, since we really don’t want to screw up a brand new house, we declared the new living room off limits when it comes to food and drinks. As I find a sippy cup, I chuck it in the trash. I’m not going to pack the damn things so there’s no reason I should keep them.

What’s funny is the kids have now commandeered two of my Starbucks cups–the ones with the green straws and the screw-on lids. It looks funny to see them drinking their milk out of the cups but it completely sucks that they now consider the cups theirs.

Guess that just means I have to get new ones? I’m kidding. OR not. Depends on if Tucker’s going to get me some new cups and if he is then I’m being as serious as a heart attack.

We filled out the financial paperwork yesterday for the house and by “we” I mean Tucker filled out the stuff since I’m not the co-borrower. And I’m not a co-borrower cause my student loan payment causes an issue w/the amount of cash we can borrow even though we can more than afford it all and the house but the bank doesn’t seem to think, “But I make money on the internet! REALLY!” is good enough.

After we left the bank, we drove over to the house and into the driveway and I got all pissed because the fence wasn’t up yet and the “model home” sign is still up in front yard and I was getting more and more indignant and realized the house doesn’t even belong to us yet and I need to calm the hell down. [What the hell just happened with that sentence? I jumped tenses about twenty times. Hope you could keep up cause my head’s spinning a bit.]

What’s funny is Tucker wanted this house more than me in the beginning and since I didn’t hate the house and was VERY tired of looking, I agreed to live in the thing but now I’m ready to pack up all our crap and move and be done with this.

Did I mention we’re supposed to close on Halloween?!

And this wreath wants to hang on our new door.

Orange berry wreath for fall

I want this. Now. On my door.

How did I go from throwing away sippy cups to talking about wreaths?

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