I Wrote This At Kmart Gamer: The Point of No Return: Screwing Up Your RPG Like a Pro

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This Kmart Gamer post might interest you if you like to play video games.

If you DON’T like to play video games…actually, if you don’t like to READ about video games then you’re not going to want to keep reading and I’m pretty surprised you’ve gotten THIS far so, bravo! Not that I’m implying you can’t read.

I mean “Bravo!” you’ve read this far since I’m writing about video games and you don’t like reading about video games you just like to PLAY video games.

Oh, whatever.

Look right.Read this stuff instead!

Before I start this I want to make it perfectly clear that I have always loved RPGs and I always will and consider the Action/Adventure/Survival/Strategy genre to be right up my alley.

BUT one of the major “flaws”, if you will, with this type of game is that one decision can have broad sweeping ramifications within your game. Some of those can be good things, i.e., you complete several tasks at once. And then there’s the soul sucking moment you realize whatever you just did caused you to ruin your entire game.

That’s what happened to me yesterday. [Yes. I am still playing New Vegas. Don’t start with me…]

There are four different ways to play the main quest: work with Mr. House and help him take over everything with his robot army, work with the NCR and help them take over everything with their human army, work with Caesar and help him take over everything with his legion or be a sort of free agent and take over everything for yourself.

Obviously you can’t do all of that since you’re going to make enemies with at least one faction at some point; there’s no getting around it. I’m getting to the “flaw”…stick with me.

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