A Book and a Video To Make You Cry

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Night before last I spent about the entire night reading Room. I got so upset with the crying and snotting and all that I ended up in the bathroom with the exhaust fan running and the tissue stuffed over my mouth and nose. I didn’t want to wake up Tucker.

I’m not completely done with it but it was almost 0200 when I finally made myself go to sleep. I’m almost afraid of picking the book back up but I know I won’t move on to another book until this one is done.

Anyway, read Room. I know some people are annoyed by the fact that the narrator–Jack–is five but it made the book even more affecting because of the narrator’s voice. I suspect I was doubly affected since Cara’s about to turn five and in some ways Jack reminds me of Cara. Get into the book and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Then there’s Last Minutes with Oden.

I thought I had shared this before but apparently I hadn’t…if I have, I couldn’t find it. Last Minutes with Oden had me ugly crying with Tucker looking at me over my laptop wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

I actually saw this a couple of months ago but I saw something tweeted yesterday that reminded me of this video. It’s one of those that sucks because it’s so damn sad but it’s done so well that you have to share it and let other people experience it.

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