The Military: They’re Just Doing Their Jobs But Don’t Forget Them

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Based on the post before this one and then this one, you’d probably assume I’m on the downward swing of the whole cyclothymic ride but you’d be wrong cause I’m actually in a splendiferous mood.

I’m productive, too! AND, despite the real possibility that our funding was going to fall through on the house, everything got worked out and the house buying can move forward.

I’m just telling you all this so someone doesn’t try to stage an intervention or something.

What follows was brought on by a video–below–John Evans posted on Google Plus. [1]

The beginning of the video hit me in the gut and the only thing I was going to say when I reshared it was, “Damn.” However, I wrote that and then my fingers wouldn’t stop. Before I knew it, I had written an entire blog post on Google Plus.

I figured I might as well share it.

You can see my original post on Google Plus.

My step-father was a Marine sniper in Vietnam who received three Purple Hearts. He had PTSD to such an extent that my mom woke many nights with my step-father’s hands around her neck and he had no idea what he was doing. She was always worried about the pistol he kept in the bedside table’s drawer.

My grandma’s first husband died in WWII. He was a fighter pilot and died a war hero. He was the father of her first two children. She married another military man. She loved them both and knew what she was getting into both times but she mourned her first husband till the day she died.

Grandpa was in the Navy, the Army/Air Force and then the Air Force when the two split. He helped retrieve seamen’s body parts from Pearl Harbor. He served in three wars. He had a wife and seven kids he moved all over the world. They all sacrificed.

My cousin was a Marine who served a tour in Iraq. His friends were killed. He lived. He’s never been the same.

I had friends serve in Afghanistan who killed so they wouldn’t be killed and who came back changed and haunted.

My husband is a PR 1st Class in the Navy. We’ve been lucky that he’s never been deployed. We have a four year old and a three year old. They’re lucky they’ve always had their dad with them. Tucker’s on “the list” and could be called up if and when he’s needed.

I know what it’s like to _not_ want to think about this. However, these soldiers, airmen, seamen and Marines should _never_ be forgotten. Alive or dead, they’ve earned respect and they’ve earned remembrance.

They don’t expect to be thanked.

They’re just doing their jobs.

But never forget that they’re still out there.

  1. [1]I think this is the way I’ve decided to start mentioning the Google jobber…make more sense to me.

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