I Wrote This At Kmart Gamer: 13 of the Scariest Horror Games Listed Just for You In Time for Halloween Fun

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This Kmart Gamer post might interest you if you like to play video games.

If you DON’T like to play video games…actually, if you don’t like to READ about video games then you’re not going to want to keep reading and I’m pretty surprised you’ve gotten THIS far so, bravo! Not that I’m implying you can’t read.

I mean “Bravo!” you’ve read this far since I’m writing about video games and you don’t like reading about video games you just like to PLAY video games.

Oh, whatever.

Look right.Read this stuff instead!

With Halloween almost on us, I figured now would be as good a time as any to get a list together of the best horror games out there. But before I can get to the list, a good definition of “horror” is in order and the definition holds true whether you’re talking about literature, movies or games. Great writing and atmosphere don’t care where they’re utilized; they just do their jobs.

Horror isn’t necessarily about how much blood you can toss around and how many body parts you can pile up in the corner. Horror is the wet stuff on the floor in a room with a dripping faucet you can’t see. Is the “wet stuff” water or is it blood? Horror is a dark corner with only the tip of a finger visible through the gloom. Maybe not even that much. Maybe all it is a red streak and the promise of something sinister?

The point of horror is that it’s story driven and messes with your head. All horror does is whisper in your ear and then lets you do the work. You’ll always imagine something worse than anyone else could show you.

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